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Coopération sincère, avenir gagnant-gagnant | Beacon a remporté le "prix de la coopération exceptionnelle" de Siemens Medical


La société allemande Siemens Healthcare a organisé la 2022 Strategic Cooperation Review Conference. Lors de la Réunion, Siemens Medical a remis des prix pertinents aux fournisseurs qui ont bien fonctionné pendant la période épidémique. ShenzhenbaliseDisplay Technology Co., Ltd. a remporté le "prix de la coopération exceptionnelle" de Siemens Medical 2022 Avec ses performances exceptionnelles en matière d’innovation de produits, sa capacité de livraisonpaysand technical services.

As a global medical technology giant, Siemens Healthcare has been leading the innovation of medical technology for 130 years. As a peer of Siemens Healthcare, balise continues to provide solid support for Siemens Healthcare. After more than ten years of mutual experience, both sides have grown into long-term and reliable partners. The award is not only a recognition of balise's service capability and technical strength, but also a perfect witness of the friendly cooperation and mutual benefit between the two sides.

As a benchmark enterprise in the medical display industry, balise has been committed to the innovation and research of medical imaging display technology, providing users with professional medical imaging solutions. In recent years, with the COVID-19 pandemic raging, global supply chains have encountered severe challenges and their ability to deliver responses has been tested. In this context, balise provides efficient project delivery and reliable supply services for Siemens Medical with its strong production, development and manufacturing capabilities, perfect epidemic prevention and risk response measures, and high-quality upstream and downstream partners, ensuring the global supply of Siemens medical equipment and helping to fight the epidemic.

In the future, balise and Siemens Healthcare will continue to work together, uphold the pioneering spirit, explore professionalism and excellence, and provide more warm health care services to users around the world!

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